Tricahue Natural Park

34 KM from Ecorefugio

The Tricahue Circuit is the classic route to get to know the native forest of the VII Region. Starting in a sector dominated by a sclera forest. That then gives way to the infrequent hualos. To continue, with oaks, coihues and even long-leaf mañíos.

This circuit allows you to get to know a native forest that was once destined for logging and that today fortunately is protected.

As a vestige of the old forest exploitation, an old locommobile can be found during the journey, called the Engine, which was once used to cut down the beautiful forest and which today is another attraction of the circuit.

Altos de Lircay

52 KM from Ecorefugio

This place is famous for the trekking that will take you to the El Enladrillado sector, a large plateau of basaltic rock similar to a brick surface of 2.5 hectares. For photography lovers, if you are lucky, on the route you will find pudúes, condors, foxes and Chilean eagles. From the top you can see the Claro River, the Cerro Azul and the imposing Descabezado Grande volcano; 4-5 hours of walk from the access to the reserve to El enladrillado or you can rent horses for a guided excursion with the local muleteers.

Radal seven cups

76 KM from Ecorefugio

Radal Seven Cups National Park is a destination for lovers of trekking and nature! Immersed in the pre-mountain range of the Andes, surrounded by native species such as oak, ñirre, hazelnut, coigüe and radal, the park has several trails that will take you to discover special corners such as El velo de la novia. A waterfall 50 meters high! I jump the lioness and the 7 Cups. All this under the deciduous forest, of oaks and centuries-old forests of coigües!