Take advantage of your stay at Ecorefugio and discover all the panoramas we have

Ecorefugio is in the Center of Everything!!!

Our privileged location will allow you to enjoy from the mountains or the sea in a couple of hours, reaching unique destinations in the world.

Whether you tour the parks and circuits of the Maule, internationally recognized or taste the exquisite wines directly from the vineyards that surround us, the panoramas will not leave you indifferent.

If you don’t want to go out, don’t worry, we have many panoramas included in your stay in Ecorefugio, from enjoying our panoramic pool overlooking Lake Colbún or reading a good book from the traveler’s library to spending a fun time in our game room or touring the multiple paths that we have built and at night we have Cinema under the stars, a good time to share around a fire and a good movie.

In Ecorefugio

Panoramic Pool

In Ecorefugio
Our outdoor pool is very special. Especially because it has a small waterfall of stones and a beautiful view of Lake Colbún.

Game room

In Ecorefugio
Have a fun time in our game room. Where you can play unlimitedly within the established schedule…

Traveler’s library

In Ecorefugio
If you are a lover of reading, you have to know our traveler’s library. Above all, because the contribution of our guests…

walking trails

In Ecorefugio
Immerse yourself in nature along our trails, from going to the pirate’s cave to reaching your own shelter will be an experience to your senses…

Cinema under the stars

In Ecorefugio
We have a panorama for this summer that mixes cinema with nature. These are movie nights in Ecorefugio, it starts at 9:00 p.m., we are waiting for you.

Floating dock

In Ecorefugio

Sunbathing or taking a nice nap on our pier, the swing of the water can also be an excellent panorama and it is free.

Private beach

In Ecorefugio
Within our facilities and through an entertaining path, you will access one of the most beautiful places in Lake Colbún.

Coffee shop

In Ecorefugio
Our Cafeteria has a beautiful view of the lake and the Andes mountain range. Here, you will find an extensive menu for you to enjoy.

Lake Colbún

In Ecorefugio
With 5,700 hectares and 1,490 million cubic meters, Lake Colbún is the largest artificial reservoir in Chile. Located in the Maule region.

Vineyards of the Maule


9km from Ecorefugio
On the shores of Lake Colbún, motivated by the taste of making a good wine and trying new things.

Wine Museum

50 km from Ecorefugio
The Clemente Urrutia vineyard has a winery that stores a series of industrial production machinery, stills, and bottling.


50 km from Ecorefugio
For more than 25 years, this vineyard has opened the wineries to tourists. Visited by foreign and Chilean tourists in search of a unique experience.

Parks and Circuits

Radal seven cups

76 KM from Ecorefugio
Radal Seven Cups National Park is a destination for trekking and nature lovers! Immersed in the foothills of the Andes, surrounded by native species.

Altos de Lircay

52 KM from Ecorefugio
This place is famous for the trekking that will take you to the Enladrillado sector, a large plateau of basaltic rock similar to a brick surface of 2.5 hectares.

Tricahue Natural Park

34 KM from Ecorefugio
The Tricahue circuit is the classic route to get to know the native forest of the VII Region. Starting in a sector dominated by a sclera forest. Which then gives way to the infrequent Hualos.

Maule Mountain Range

Inverted Waterfall

93 KM from Ecorefugio
From Ecorefugio to the mountain range we have an impressive route that starts with the Inverted Waterfall. In this place the wind blows so strong that it produces an effect that seems that the water is going upwards.

White Monks

97 KM from Ecorefugio
The White Monks or Penitents, is a curious rock formation of natural origin that stands out from the landscape due to its white color and high height. A mandatory point for tourists who like to photograph nature.

Maule Lagoon

108 KM from Ecorefugio
This lagoon is still an enigma since its depth has not been verified due to the pressure exerted by the volcano. Marvel at its calypso waters and its obsidian shores.

Medano hot springs

67 KM from Ecorefugio
A dike built of stones make up these hot springs. The mixture of hot water from the slopes born of the earth and the waters of the Maule River, result in the optimal temperature for your bath.

Baths of the Bell Tower

89 KM from Ecorefugio
The Campanario Baths are natural hot springs located next to the river of the same name. These hot springs, which have practically no infrastructure, can be reached after a walk of just under 1 hour.

Maule Coast

Church Stone

132 KM from Ecorfugio
Declared a Sanctuary of Nature, the Church Stone. It is a huge vaulted rock with a height of approximately 50 meters, in which the erosive action of the sea sculpted caverns inside, which can be visited when the tide is low.

Dunes of Putu

158 KM from Ecorefugio
The dunes of Putú form the largest cluster of dunes that can be found in Chile. Formed by the action of the Maule River and the sea currents, this huge field of dunes never ceases to amaze anyone with its surreal views.