Lake Colbún

In Ecorefugio

With 5,700 hectares and 1,490 million cubic meters, Lake Colbún is the largest artificial reservoir in Chile. Located in the Maule region, it was built between 1980 and 1985 in order to retain the waters of the river of the same name, which are used for irrigation and for the production of hydroelectric power.

In the summer period its waters reach a temperature of 23° C. For this reason, and because of the warm weather during the summer months, it is widely used for the practice of water sports. Its waters are very transparent, since the Maule River drags very little mountain sediment.

Coffee shop

In Ecorefugio

Our cafeteria has a beautiful view of the lake and the Andes mountain range. Here, you will find an extensive menu for you to enjoy, from an exquisite bean coffee to our delicious pizzas, look at our menu and come and live the experience.

Private beach

In Ecorefugio

Within our facilities and through an entertaining path, you will access one of the most beautiful places on Lake Colbún. That is, the Cueva del Pirata, a natural fjord with a white sand beach.

In it you can find a small cafeteria set-up in summer. What are you waiting for to meet her?

Cinema under the stars

In Ecorefugio

We have a panorama for this summer that mixes cinema with nature. It’s about Movie Nights in Ecorefugio. Each daily performance will begin at 9:00 p.m., the precise moment when the sun begins to hide and the intense heat withdraws. Therefore, the temperature becomes much more pleasant to be outdoors. In short, we have prepared a special space for it, come and meet him!

Traveler’s library

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If you are a lover of reading, you have to know our traveler’s library. Above all, because the contribution of our guests is constantly expanding the collection of books. That is why you will find a diversity of topics and languages and perhaps some dedication for the next reader.

Panoramic Pool

In Ecorefugio

Our outdoor pool is very special. Especially because it has a small waterfall of stones and a beautiful view of Lake Colbún.

Enjoy its comfortable loungers and refresh yourself with natural juices, cocktails and craft beers from our cafeteria, without losing a ray of sunshine.

Come and enjoy this experience.