Dunes of Putu

158 KM from Ecorefugio

Located north of the mouth of the Maule River, there is the landscape most similar to the Sahara desert imaginable. The dunes of Putú form the largest cluster of dunes that can be found in Chile. Formed by the action of the Maule River and the sea currents, this huge field of dunes never ceases to amaze anyone with its surreal views.

Church Stone

132 KM from Ecorfugio

Declared a Sanctuary of Nature, the Church Stone. It is a huge vaulted rock with a height of approximately 50 meters, in which the erosive action of the sea sculpted caverns inside, which can be visited when the tide is low. Both this and the other rock formations that surround it, have a high value for the local fauna, since they constitute a nesting place of different species of seagulls, hawks, cormorants and pelicans.


50 km from Ecorefugio

For more than 25 years, this vineyard has opened the wineries to tourists. Visited by foreign and Chilean tourists in search of a unique experience. The tour includes a tour of the colonial winery, the guard in underground barrels, wine museum, centennial park where the patronal house is located – residence of the Balduzzi family – and which finally concludes with the tasting of exquisite wines. The tour can be carried out without reservation.

Wine Museum

50 km from Ecorefugio

The Clemente Urrutia vineyard has a winery that stores a series of industrial production machinery, stills, and bottling of Chilean wine. It also contains a series of jars and rural furniture that together with the cellar – in situ – recreates the culture of wine; in the central area.

Wine tasting

A trip to other times Try your country without corrections, the juice without interference that the grapes gave, is a trip to the past, an instant flash that takes you non-stop to the wines that were made in Chile – and in the world – a century ago, the times when over-maderization and excesses in alcohol levels did not exist; the time when wine was drunk for pleasure and, even, to quench thirst. A wine from the past. Of those wines that no longer exist, but that from time to time appear as lights to remind us where we are and what we drink.


9km from Ecorefugio

On the shores of Lake Colbún, motivated by the taste of making a good wine and trying new things. The birth of the wine “Ribera del lago” is full of family anecdotes for Rafael Tirado and his father-in-law Georg Andresen, harvests where children and adults participated by squeezing, pressing and stepping on the grapes in a very important event for everyone.

The maximum freedom to make mistakes and experiment were the perfect cradle to let the imagination fly and obtain a really different result, since these wines were born with the sole purpose of enjoying themselves at home to toast and share. This is how it all began with half a hectare of cabernet Sauvignon, in 1993. After a while Rafael and Georg got excited and started planting more and more.

To the cabernet they added sauvignon blanc, plus cabernet and merlot between 1996 and 1997. Then in 2003 on the highest slopes of the bank they planted syrah and more cabernet. Awards Best White Wine of Chile according to Patricio Tapia in Descorchados 2010 Sauvignon Blanc Products – Windward Asenizas – Sotavento Arcillas Pinot Noir Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot País.

Baths of the Bell Tower

89 KM from Ecorefugio

The Campanario Baths are natural hot springs located next to the river of the same name. These hot springs, which have practically no infrastructure, can be reached after a walk of just under 1 hour. However, for the bad or good luck of the visitors, the hot springs are located on the other side of the river, which makes it difficult to access them. In this way, this beautiful gift of nature can still be enjoyed with some tranquility in an area that is still traveled by muleteers. The temperature of the water ensures a good possibility of bathing throughout the year.


From the parking lot, a suspension bridge must be crossed. Then comes a sandy area where there is no single path. Point towards the valley of the Campanario River. Once you have reached the shore of the Campanario River, there is no way to get lost. You simply have to continue along the river, along the south bank. At kilometer 1.9 there is a precarious bridge to cross the Campanario River. On the other side, immediately after the bridge, are the wells, distributed along the bank.

Medano hot springs

67 KM from Ecorefugio

A dam built in stones make up these hot springs, the mixture of hot water from slopes born from the earth and the waters of the Maule River. They result in the optimal temperature for your bath. In addition, on the bank through an entertaining path. You will find three small caverns where you can take natural “steam baths”.

Inverted Waterfall

93 KM from Ecorefugio

From Ecorefugio to the mountain range we have an impressive route that starts with the Inverted Waterfall. In this place the wind blows so strong that it produces an effect that seems that the water is going upwards.

Under the waterfall is The Valley of the Condors, a place of Climbing known Internationally for its strange Basaltic Columns.