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Sanitary protocol

Like the rest of the world, we are still adapting day by day to the new challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope you and your closest ones are well in these difficult times.

Like other accommodations, we closed our doors ahead of schedule, due to the effects of the virus and the closure of borders. However, nothing is forever, so we have used this time to plan for a new season, with the hope that we will be able to reopen soon.

We are currently scheduling the reopening for November 5th. We will be delighted to welcome you again! Of course, it all depends on how the contingency evolves and we will keep you updated as we have new information.

Sanitary Protocol – Ecorefugio

The purpose of this protocol is to publicize the measures to be implemented for the prevention and management of the spread of COVID 19 in line with the instructions and recommendations of the Chilean Ministry of Health.

Upon entering Ecorefugio

  1. A foot disinfectant mat will be available at the entrance.
  2. The body temperature of everyone who enters will be checked with an infrared thermometer. In case of presenting a temperature of more than 38 °C and other symptoms such as dry cough, muscle pain and respiratory distress, it will not be possible to be registered and the instructions given by MINSAL will be followed, requesting referral to the nearest health center for a medical evaluation.
  3. The luggage of all guests entering the ecorefugio will be sprayed with quaternary ammonium.
  4. Both at the entrance and in all public areas, there will be clearly marked hand sanitizer dispensers.
  5. The use of masks will be mandatory in all public areas. In case of not having it, our collaborators will provide this input.
  6. Social distancing of more than 1 meter will be required through signage.
  7. The reservation and check-in system will be carried out via the online platform to avoid physical contact and restrict the exchange of stationery and documentation.
  8. Upon admission, the health form and travel itinerary will be completed in order to have the traceability of each guest.
  9. The access keys to the rooms will be delivered disinfected with a chlorinated product.

during the stay

  1. Public spaces and mainly high contact surfaces will be periodically cleaned and disinfected with quaternary ammonium.
  2. Cleaning during the guest's stay will be carried out only in cases that require it and without people inside.
  3. High-touch items such as brochures and information in the room will be kept to a minimum. Additional blankets will only be provided at the guest's request.
  4. The breakfast service will be delivered on a Tray within the established hours (from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.) to be consumed at the Refuge. The products on this tray are mostly already packaged and will be disinfected and minimally handled by our staff. Products that require preparation such as eggs, sandwiches and other hot items will be restricted.
  5. The use of the spa will be by refuge and under prior reservation of the area for periods of 2 hours maximum. After use, the area will be disinfected with quaternary ammonium. In the case of requesting the massage service, you should check at the reception the availability of the therapist's schedules.
  6. The pool area, the sun loungers will be located with the necessary distance that is established according to the regulations.

Upon check out, a container will be available for the guest to hand in their key for later disinfection.

Advance payment upon arrival by credit card or bank transfer is suggested to make departure more expeditious and safe.