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Wine Museum

    50 Km from Ecorefugio

    The Clemente Urrutia vineyard has a winery that stores a series of industrial machinery for the production, stills, and bottling of Chilean wine. It also contains a series of jars and rural furniture that together with the cellar -in situ- recreates the culture of wine; in the central area.

    Wine tasting

    A trip to other times Tasting your country without corrections, the juice without interference that the grapes gave, is a trip to the past, an instantaneous flash that takes you non-stop to the wines that were made in Chile -and in the world- a while ago. century, the times in which the sobremaderización and the excesses in the alcohol levels did not exist; the time when wine was drunk for pleasure and even to quench thirst. A wine from the past. One of those wines that no longer exist, but that from time to time appear like lights to remind us of where we are and what we are drinking.